More Volcanic Facts

Mayan Espresso™ grows on Volcanic soil, also known as volcanic ash soil or Andisol, which is soil that has been formed from the ash and lava deposited by volcanic eruptions. Volcanic soil has a number of benefits, including:

1.     High fertility: Volcanic soil is rich in nutrients, particularly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential for plant growth. This makes it an ideal soil for agriculture, as crops grown in volcanic soil tend to be more productive and nutritious than those grown in other types of soil.

2.     Moisture retention: Volcanic soil has a high capacity for moisture retention, which means that it can hold water well and release it slowly over time. This makes it an ideal soil for plants that require a steady supply of water, such as coffee, cocoa, and tea.

3.     Porosity: Volcanic soil is porous, which means that it has a lot of tiny air pockets that allow water, nutrients, and oxygen to move freely through it. This makes it an ideal soil for root growth, as plants can easily penetrate and spread their roots throughout the soil.

4.     Disease resistance: Volcanic soil has a high concentration of minerals and trace elements that can help plants resist disease and pests. This means that crops grown in volcanic soil are less likely to suffer from plant diseases and require fewer pesticides and other chemical treatments.

5.     Sustainability: Because volcanic soil is formed from volcanic rock, it is a renewable resource that is constantly being replenished by new volcanic activity. This makes it a sustainable soil option that can support agriculture and plant growth for generations to come.


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