Maximizing Coffee Flavours

At Mayan Espresso we maximize the flavours of our beloved coffee beans by following several key steps in the production process:

1.   The Right Plant. First of all, we choose the right coffee plant variety; namely, Arabica Cafea. Different varieties of coffee plants have different flavour profiles. We at Mayan Espresso select Arabica Cafea plants because they are known for producing highest-quality beans with desirable flavour characteristics.

2. No “Cides” Let’s breakdown the word Pesti-cide.Pest” refers to any organism that is considered harmful or destructive to humans, animals, crops, or the environment. Pests can include insects, rodents, weeds, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Now, “cide” is a suffix that means “to kill.” When farmers use pesticides they kill not only pests, but they also kill the vitamins and minerals of their crops, when it comes to coffee, they also kill the flavours! Our coffee is pesticide, herbicide and glyphosate free, definitely no GMO’s! We treat our beans with the outmost respect so they can maintain their clean pure flavours and clean taste!

2.   Growing conditions: Coffee plants thrive in specific conditions, including the right soil type; our coffee beans are grown in volcanic soil, which brings a smooth taste rich in minerals. Altitude, and climate are also very important in harvesting good coffee, Guatemala is famous for having the best conditions for coffee harvesting. Proper growing conditions can help develop the unique flavours of the coffee beans and that is exactly what our family of agricultural engineers do every time!

3.    Harvesting: We also harvest our coffee beans at the right time, which is typically when the beans are fully ripe. This ensures that the beans have developed their full flavour potential.

4.    Processing: There are several methods for processing coffee beans, including wet processing and dry processing. Each method can produce different flavour profiles in the final product. Besides not using pesticides, glyphosates or mess with our crops by genetically modifying them in any way, we wash our cherries with filtered water and dry them under a greenhouse environment, yes, we do care for you and your health and quite frankly, because we want you to always chose us for your coffee needs.

5.     Roasting: Roasting coffee beans is a crucial step in developing the desired flavour profile. The roast level can significantly impact the flavour, aroma, and body of the coffee and we do just that.

6. Brewing: Now it’s your turn to make the best of your gourmet coffee. The brewing method can also impact the final flavour of the coffee. Different brewing methods, such as drip coffee, French press, or espresso, can extract different flavours from the beans. More about these methods here.

In conclusion, all of these things, the right plant, no pesticides of any type, growing conditions, right soil, high altitude and climate, clean processes, greenhouse protection and roasting help us produce a delicious coffee with explosive flavours which is non acidic, not bitter coffee. Our customers have loved our beans for more than a century and we hope you do too!

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